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In the great outdoors, being prepared for emergencies is essential. Our Wilderness First Aid Course is designed to equip you with the specialized skills and knowledge needed to respond confidently in remote and challenging environments.


During this comprehensive 2 Day in-person course, our experienced instructors will guide you through a series of hands-on scenarios and simulations that mirror real-life wilderness situations. You will learn how to assess and manage a wide range of injuries and medical emergencies, such as fractures, sprains, animal bites, hypothermia, and more.


We'll focus on improvisation, as access to medical facilities may be limited in the wilderness. You'll learn how to creatively use available resources to provide effective first aid and stabilize patients until professional help can be reached.


Our Wilderness First Aid Course is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, wilderness guides, and anyone who ventures into remote areas. Whether you're exploring the backcountry for leisure or leading groups on outdoor adventures, this course will instill the confidence and competence to handle emergencies with composure and skill.


Join us for this enriching experience and gain the tools to be a reliable first responder in the wilderness. Enroll now in our Wilderness First Aid Course and be ready to face the challenges of the great outdoors with a prepared and capable mindset.

Wilderness First Aid & CPR - Classes Coming Soon

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